- Why J?J ?

I like paradox, because it leads to questioning. The ? is seen symbolically, referring to this questioning.

More, J?J can be seen as the acronym for Just Jewelry ?, thus asking the question: is this just jewelry?

Above all, we aspire to create virtual art that becomes reality. We don't just make jewelry, but much more.

- How production work ? 

Every designs are modeled in 3D on Blender (3D software), these are then sent to a Belgian 3D printing company. Once printed they are sent back to me so that I can polish them by hand, add the different finishes and have them gold plated.

This whole process takes some time, but results in better quality for each piece of jewelry.

You can also read our section on shipping and return for more information.

- How 3D printing work ?  

Currently, several methods are possible. Nowadays, the most used way for jewelry is to 3D print the model a first time in wax in order to make a mold of the 3D model to pour molten metal into it.

If you want more information on 3D metal printing and know the different techniques, you can read our article on the subject.

- Can I have my own personal jewel ?

If you have a project in mind, whether or not you have a 3D model, feel free to contact us to talk about it, you can send a message on Instagram, by email or with the contact form. I would love to share your idea with you, let's see what we can achieve together.

We also offer a customizable pendant: HUMAN.

- What material ? 

Currently J? J presents these creations in gold plated brass.

Brass is a mixture of copper and zinc, so it tarnishes over time, which is why it should be protected by plating it with gold, so that it keeps all that shine over time. The plating is done with 14K gold at a thickness of 5 microns for extra durability.

Other materials are possible with 3D printing, and many are to come. If you have a special request regarding the material, please do not hesitate to ask us, whether by instagram, by email or even by contact. It is possible to order in other materials, such as steel, bronze, aluminum, etc.. Even in plastic if you want.