HUMAN is a : Personalized fingerprint pendant

HUMAN is a customized pendant with the fingerprint of your choice, you can put yours or a loved one. The important thing is to give yourself a smile on a daily basis.

Pendants are not engraved, but 3D printed which brings more relief and a unique customization.

HUMAN makes it possible to immortalize what is unique to everyone, their fingerprint. Creating an intimate bond with the one you have chosen. You will always be in touch with this loved one, taking this intimacy, this unique bond with you everywhere.

How it work ? 

If you want your personalized pendant, just place an order in the store. Once the order has been placed, an email will be automatically sent to you, it is important to enter your personal email address when ordering, you can send it back your image of your fingerprint. A confirmation email will be sent to you with a 3D preview of your future pendant. If the model does not suit you, we will adjust it together to satisfy you.

The photo sent will be cropped in order to be able to distinguish the details and have a better quality.


If you want a material other than the one presented, do not hesitate to contact us by email or on instagram.

The pendant is accompanied with a chain, a protective pouch and a maintenance cloth, all packed in a box to send it to you in the best conditions.


How to take a fingerprint ? 

The quality of the pendant depends on the quality of the photo sent. It is important to take your time and try several trials in order to get the perfect fingerprint.

Below, you can visualize a method to take a fingerprint. Other methods are possible (ink, scans, etc..), do not hesitate to use them if you have some in your possession while following the few tips below.

Taking a fingerprint with a pencil and tape :


Tips : 

Privacy policy

Respecting your personal data is important for us. All original pictures will only be used only to make your pendant and will be permanently deleted when finished. We will never be able to find your picture associated with your name once the order is complete.

You can also consult our section about privacy policy.

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